Meet My Business Clients

sunrun solar video

SunRun Solar

Anthony is a great salesman, but he knew he was missing an opportunity to gain trust within his community. Not everyone is “gun-ho” about getting solar, this video helps get his message across without constantly going door-to-door!

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Blade and Shade

Morgan Stout is the owner of Blade and Shade Beauty Bar. Struggling with her marketing efforts, she reached out to me for help, she said I accurately captured the essence of her brand and that she cannot stop watching her business video!

business branding colorado springs

Turn Up Squad

Natalie and Briana were searching for a new videographer after theirs had moved on up to Denver. After remembering I do wedding videography, they asked if I could use that knowledge for their business. The answer? ABSOLUTELY!


Only Sloths on TikTok

Bridget is a TikTok Icon with nearly 2 million followers, and she came to me for help capturing some drone videos for her brand. She uses the clips occasionally in her videos to bring “powerful” feel to her videos.