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Maternity Photography in Colorado Springs

Do you need maternity photography in colorado springs? You’ve found the best local photographer!

Maternity photography is a beautiful way to capture the special moments leading up to the birth of a child. It’s a chance to celebrate the love, excitement, and anticipation of starting a new chapter in life.

In Colorado Springs, there are many stunning locations to choose from for a maternity photoshoot, from picturesque mountain backdrops to tranquil gardens and urban settings. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant style or a more modern, playful approach, there are talented photographers in Colorado Springs who can help bring your vision to life.

Best Photography Spots for Expecting Mothers

Colorado Springs offers a variety of scenic spots for maternity photography that don’t require strenuous hikes.

1. Garden of the Gods is a popular location, with red rock formations and stunning views of Pikes Peak.

2. The Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site is another picturesque option, with historic buildings and sweeping meadows.

3. For a more urban feel, downtown Colorado Springs offers colorful murals and trendy city backdrops.

Colorado Springs Photography Studios

If you’re looking for a studio setting, there are several options in Colorado Springs. Little Nest Portraits specializes in family and maternity photography and offers a cozy, boutique-style studio. Shutter and Stone is a full-service photography studio that can accommodate maternity sessions both in-studio and on-location. Finally, Ashley Durham Studios offers a personalized experience with both indoor and outdoor options for your maternity shoot.

No matter which location or studio you choose, Colorado Springs offers breathtaking backdrops and talented photographers to help capture your special moments before your little one arrives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Maternity Photography Cost?2023-05-30T22:47:24-06:00

I provide a range of packages for maternity photography sessions, offering flexibility to suit your needs. These sessions typically span from one to four hours, allowing ample time to capture beautiful moments. Travel fees are kept reasonable, covering only the base gas value and mileage to your chosen location. It’s important to note that I primarily focus on serving local mothers in Colorado and do not offer destination maternity photography. When you choose my services, you can expect photography by an FAA Licensed Part 107 Pilot. Additionally, you will receive a collection of high-quality images, typically ranging from 50 to 150, delivered through Google Drive (free) or a USB (for an extra fee). These images are suitable for both digital use and printing on canvas.

How Many Maternity Photos Will I Receive?2023-03-01T13:16:52-07:00

When it comes to maternity photography, clients often wonder how many photos they can expect to receive from their shoot. While the exact number can vary depending on a range of factors, such as the length of the shoot, the number of poses, and the style of photography, in general, clients can expect to receive between 50-150 photos.

Maternity photoshoots typically last only 1 to 3 hours, meaning there is a limited amount of time available to capture a range of images. However, within this time frame, I work closely with my clients to capture a variety of poses, angles, and expressions, so that they have a diverse selection of images to choose from.

What’s Your Maternity Photography Contract Like?2023-03-01T13:11:20-07:00

As a professional photographer specializing in maternity photography, I take pride in delivering high-quality and detailed images that capture the special moments of this unique time in a family’s life. To ensure that my clients receive the best possible service, I have a clear and straightforward contract that outlines my services, fees, and expectations.

First and foremost, I work closely with my clients to understand their needs and preferences for the photo shoot. This includes discussing the location, timing, and style of the photos, as well as any specific shots or poses they may have in mind. I also provide guidance and advice on what to wear, how to prepare for the shoot, and what to expect on the day.

Once we have agreed on the details, I require an initial payment of 85% of the total cost of the shoot to be made one week before the scheduled shoot date. This ensures that my time and resources are reserved for the shoot and allows me to prepare properly to meet my clients’ expectations.


Favorite Maternity Photography Poses

A maternity photoshoot is an opportunity for expectant mothers to capture the beauty and joy of their pregnancy. There are many poses that can help showcase the baby bump and create a stunning image. Here are some of the best photography poses for a maternity shoot:

  1. Cradling the Belly: One classic pose for a maternity shoot is to have the mother-to-be cradle her belly with both hands. This pose draws attention to the belly and is a natural gesture that shows love and care for the baby.
  2. Profile View: A profile view of the mother-to-be’s silhouette can create a beautiful and timeless image. This pose works well when the mother-to-be is standing or sitting and can emphasize the curves of the body.
  3. Sitting Pose: A sitting pose can create a relaxed and comfortable environment for the mother-to-be. Sitting poses can include the mother-to-be sitting on a chair, a bench or on the ground. It can be combined with other poses such as cradling the belly or holding a prop.
  4. Partner Pose: Including the partner in the maternity shoot can create a heartwarming and intimate image. The partner can stand behind the mother-to-be with their hands on the belly or they can hold hands and look into each other’s eyes.
  5. Lying Down Pose: Lying down on a comfortable surface can create a beautiful and serene image. The mother-to-be can lie on her back or side and can cradle the belly or rest her hands on it.
  6. Outdoors Pose: Shooting outdoors can create a beautiful and natural backdrop for the maternity shoot. The mother-to-be can stand or sit in a field or near trees, creating a beautiful and serene environment.
  7. Holding a Prop: Props such as baby shoes or ultrasound images can create a sentimental and meaningful image. The mother-to-be can hold the prop close to her belly or place it on her belly.

In conclusion, a maternity photoshoot is a special time to capture the beauty and joy of pregnancy. These poses can help showcase the baby bump and create a stunning and timeless image. It’s important to discuss the poses with the photographer to ensure the mother-to-be is comfortable and the images are exactly what she wants.

Maternity Photography Packages

BRONZE | $750

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SILVER | $1050

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GOLD | $1250

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