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What Your Wedding Photography Comes With

I offer various wedding photography packages that cater to couples’ needs and preferences. talk to me to discuss what works best for you.

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Drone Photography

Support & Guidance

Google Drive Folder

300-500 Photos

These packages can include various services such as engagement photo sessions, bridal portraits, full-day wedding coverage, and more. Couples can choose from a range of wedding photography styles, such as traditional, photojournalistic, or a combination of both. With my experience in Lightroom, I can alter images to fit your unique style – though I may post a different style on Instagram to fit my theme!

Additionally, I offer drone wedding photography. Drone wedding photography has become an integral part of wedding memorabilia practice.

Nothing quite said you went “all out” like hiring a drone wedding photographer that takes cinematic-looking shots out of a movie.

And don’t worry, even though there are huge restrictions around flying near National Parks, I have connections to get around this.

Professional Wedding Photographer in Colorado Springs

if you’re looking to get wedding photography in colorado springs, you’re in the right place.

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city that offers breathtaking scenery and diverse landscapes, making it an ideal location for wedding photography. Whether you are getting married in a luxurious hotel or an outdoor venue, Colorado Springs has a lot to offer in terms of photo opportunities. The city boasts a range of locations perfect for wedding photos, from the majestic Pikes Peak to the breathtaking Garden of the Gods.

Fun Story: When my Boston-raised father came out to visit, he couldn’t stop saying “Oh Wow!” – like Owen Wilson style – when walking around Garden of the Gods!

wedding photography colorado springs photographer

Wedding Photography in Colorado Springs

if you’re looking to get wedding photography in colorado springs, you’re in the right place.

Wedding photography is a crucial aspect of any wedding ceremony. It captures the beautiful moments and memories of a special day that will last a lifetime. There are many professional wedding photographers to choose from for couples getting married in Colorado Springs. However, finding the right one can be challenging.

My name is Kirsten Hall, and I provide wedding photography in Colorado Springs. I offer various wedding photography services and understand the importance of providing detailed attention and care to photos so that you can look at aesthetic and stunning photos for a lifetime.

Destination Wedding Photography

I also offer destination wedding photography. I find it to be a thrilling and rewarding experience and a service my clients love.

destination wedding

I have a valid passport and am happy to travel to many different countries for wedding photography assignments. Destination photography makes great sense for me as I have family all over. I especially love opportunities in southern California (where my husband’s family lives) and near Boston (where my family is from).

While many beautiful destinations worldwide, California and New England offer some of the most picturesque wedding venues. These two locations are top-rated for destination weddings due to their stunning landscapes and unique wedding venues.

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